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Frequently Asked Questions

When is payday?

Publishers are paid once a month. The amount is based on the traffic from the previous month.

How will I get paid?

Any way you want! We can accommodate many different payment methods. Direct deposit, wire transfer and by check are all options.

How do I install ShoppingThankYouPages?

ShoppingThankYouPages will provide you with a simple code that is easily implemented. Once added to your site our geographically targeted listings will appear for all products.

How much will I make?

Payment is based on a PPC, or pay-per-click model. Revenue is calculated by adding an advertisers bid and how many clicks your site produces.

How do I get approved?

Once ShoppingThankYouPages has approved your site, you are welcome to post our ads. Approval is based on advertiser relevancy, good taste, and the law. If we believe your site will be valuable to our advertisers, and follows legal guidelines, you’re in.

Am I restricted by an exclusivity agreement?

Publishers are not restricted by an exclusivity agreement.

What about Advertisements I don’t want on my site?

We appreciate the hard work that has gone into your site. We know that you have established a reputation, and have an image to protect. Publishers have the right to restrict or ban, any advertisements they do not approve of, from their site(s).

Am I protected against Click Fraud?

Our industry leading Click Fraud technology prevents and protects against click fraud.

Where do I sign up?

Getting started only takes seconds! Simply fill out the form on the home page or contact us at (866) 971-2492 to speak to a live representative.

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For more information, or to speak with a live representative you may reach us at (866) 971-2492